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alice cooper, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, anchorman, annie hall, arrested development, atheism, beach, bloodhound gang, boots, burlesque, caesar salad, cat power, christina hendricks, clockwork orange, clothing, colbert report, comic books, concerts, croquet, crowd surfing, cupcakes, daily show, dancing, david bowie, digimon, dinosaurs, dita von teese, diy, doc martens, dresden dolls, earrings, ellen page, fashion, florence and the machine, ftm, girls, hair dye, harley quinn, harry potter, hufflepuff, inception, internet, janis joplin, jimmy pop, led zeppelin, lesbians, loyalty, mad men, marie antoinette, michelle branch, misfits, mozzarella sticks, musicals, no doubt, ocean, orange seltzer, penguins, photography, pokemon, pop culture, proper grammar, queer porn, raves, rocky horror picture show, rubber ducks, sailor moon, scarlett johansson, seltzer, sequins, sewing, sexuality, shoes, skins, stockings, tattoos, tea cups, the beatles, the ramones, the white stripes, true blood, vanity, watchmen, who framed roger rabbit, zombies, zoolander
I'm Charlotte. I'm pretty awesome even though I live on Long Island. My interests tell you lots about me. I mostly use livejournal for the communities.

Pottermore Account: StarUnicorn59