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20 October 2007 @ 06:23 pm
Dumbledore is gay. I'm so fucking excited. This actually makes up for him being such a dick and keeping Harry alive so he can die. Book seven ruined Dumbledore for me, but all is so good. So did I not see this before? Love of lemon drops and glittery robes, and amusing quips. Seriously, too cool to be straight. First time there's canon gayness in Harry, just announce Dean/Seamus, and I can almost fill that hole in my heart left by page 637.

On the other hand...Neville/Hannah. I hate you Hannah Abbot, and your abilities to shred the last bits of Luna/Neville hope. I mean, it was delusional by now, but still. Neville works at Hogwarts ten months a year, and Hannah's in London, landlady-ing, JK Rowling could've at least made Luna the new co-Care of Magical Creatures professor, so they'd be together. It works better than the canon alternative.

Although I ship neither, I realized today that Luna/Harry has more substance, and makes more sense than Ginny/Harry. The whole end of book five thing? Luna making him feel better when not even Ginny could? It works better than the canon also, even though I don't like the idea.

Canon's more like guidelines anyway...
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19 September 2007 @ 08:41 am

Celebrate it, you landlubbers. With rum. And wenches. And Johnny Depp. Lots of Johnny Depp.
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