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20 October 2007 @ 06:23 pm
Dumbledore is gay. I'm so fucking excited. This actually makes up for him being such a dick and keeping Harry alive so he can die. Book seven ruined Dumbledore for me, but all is so good. So good...how did I not see this before? Love of lemon drops and glittery robes, and amusing quips. Seriously, too cool to be straight. First time there's canon gayness in Harry Potter...now, just announce Dean/Seamus, and I can almost fill that hole in my heart left by page 637.

On the other hand...Neville/Hannah. I hate you Hannah Abbot, and your abilities to shred the last bits of Luna/Neville hope. I mean, it was delusional by now, but still. Neville works at Hogwarts ten months a year, and Hannah's in London, landlady-ing, JK Rowling could've at least made Luna the new co-Care of Magical Creatures professor, so they'd be together. It works better than the canon alternative.

Although I ship neither, I realized today that Luna/Harry has more substance, and makes more sense than Ginny/Harry. The whole end of book five thing? Luna making him feel better when not even Ginny could? It works better than the canon also, even though I don't like the idea.

Canon's more like guidelines anyway...
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19 September 2007 @ 08:41 am

Celebrate it, you landlubbers. With rum. And wenches. And Johnny Depp. Lots of Johnny Depp.
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